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Kalinga Extrusion Technik is Venture to provide Support to Extrusion & Converting Machine Manufacturing Industry. The Company is Found by Mr. Ravindra Dash, Our Focus is to Provide Solutions and Parts for Machine like , Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant , PP/HDPE/LDPE Recycling Machine , Blown film lines , Rotogravure Printing Machine , Slitting Rewinding Machine etc.

At Kalinga Extrusion We believe to provide Solution’s in the Field of Extrusion and Converting Machine Parts and Services. We have Company Collaborated with all Possible Manufacturers Partners Who has been in the Industry for more than a Decade. We are Located in Financial Capital of Gujarat; Ahmedabad and all our Partners are Located in Ahmedabad. We have Team of Service Engineers & Operators Who have been in Extrusion Industry Production for more than Two Decades .This Engineers are Considered the Best in the Industry for Smooth Production. Some of our Products are Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant , Re-Process Plant (Mother Baby Re-Process ) (Vented Screw Barrel Re-Process) (Die face Cutter Re-Process Machine ) , Blown Film machine in Segment of (Mono Layer Blown Film Plant) ( Two/ABA Layer Blown Film Plant ) (Multilayer Blown Film Plant) , Sutli/ Twine Plant , Plastic Recycling Plant (Mother Baby Re-Process ) ( Die-Face Cutter Re-Process Machine ) (Vented Re-Process Machine ), Rotogravure Printing Machine , Slitting Rewinding Machine etc .

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