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Adhesive Coating Lamination Machine

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Adhesive Coating Lamination Machine

For Coating thin layer of polyolefin's (Mainly LDPE / PP) on substrates like Woven Sacks, Tarpaulins, Jumbo Bags, BOPP Film, Paper, Aluminum Foil, Polyester Film, Cotton Fabrics, Jute, Non Woven Fabrics, etc. Up to 2000M.M. Web width applications. Tandem Lamination Plant for coating Circular Woven Fabrics, for producing multi layer laminates up to 5 layers along with the various substrates like Paper, Aluminum Foil, Polyester film etc.

Salient Features

Gravure type coating system for Rubber Roll, Doctor blade & Nip Roller.

Gravure type coating system for Rubber Roll, Doctor blade & Nip Roller.

Fully insulated glass wool sheet fitted in the panel (Top side & Bottom) for controlling heat loss.

For controlling heat loss

Slit type fix chamber air flow arrangement, against roller.

Exhausts are distributed through-out the length of drying chamber.

Digital temperature controller with indicator

Inside heating for NIP Steel roller.

Shaft types fix Rewinder with motor.

CT. SRA Web system for controlling the Web after the drying tunnel.

Technical Specification

Web Width : 600 – 2000mm

Unwind Rewind Diameter : 600 – 1000mm

Hot Air Temp : 50 – 350°C

Machine Speed : 60 – 120 M/Min.

Heat Source : Hot Air Generator (Diesel / Wooden Fire / Gas)

Exhaust : 3 HP

Main Drive : Coater / Nip -3 HP, Rewind – 5 HP

NOTE : The above given details is for guidelines & manufacturer doesn’t commits to the specifications.

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