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ALTER - PP/HDPE/LDPE Re - Process Plant

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ALTER - PP/HDPE/LDPE Re - Process Plant

At Kalinga Extrusion We manufacture Recycling Machine for Polypropylene (PP), High Density polyethylene (HDPE) &Low-DensityPolyethylene (LDPE/LL). We provide Complete Solutions for Plastic Recycling. Our few machines that Could be Provided are Mother Baby Re-Process, Vented Re-Process, Die face Cutter Re-Process etc. In today’s time where in Global Warming is serious concern and being in the Plastic Industry, we understand the Importance of Plastic Recycling. As a Part of the Plastic Industry we understand that Plastic Recycling needs more awareness on Recycling of Waste Plastic Which could help Society and as well Industry.

Our Recycling Machine starts with Production Capacity of 80 To 200 KPH.As part of the Extrusion Industry we consider that We must Promote Waste Plastic recycling as much as we can. We have Team of Engineers & Operators who understand the Recycling Production very well.

Screw MM 90 100 120 + 75 90
Feed 30:1 Smooth Smooth Smooth Smooth
Production KG 80 100 150 80
Applications Processed Waste Form LL/LD/HDPE/PP LL/LD/HDPE/PP LL/LD/HDPE/PP LL/LD/HDPE/PP
Main Motor HP 25 30 50 + 15 30
Power Load KW 55 62 75 58
Dimension Feet 30 L x 5 W x 12H 32 L x 5 W x 12H 42 L x 5 W x 15H 40 L x 8 W x 12H

NOTE : The above given details is for guidelines & manufacturer doesn’t commits to the specifications.

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