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CANITE - Mono Layer Blown Film Plant

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CANITE - Mono Layer Blown Film Plant

Mono Layer Blown Film Plant is the Most Important Segment of Extrusion Machine. We have developed Mono Layer which Could help in Order produce for Different Industry in Line of packaging Industry. We understand that Apart from Carry Bags Mono Layer Film is Still used in many other Industries likes Auto Mobiles Parts Packing, Stationery Items, Garments etc.

Our Motto is to provide complete solutions for Blown Film Industry with Best designed Mono Layer Machine with all possible updated Systems that require free flow Production. At Kalinga We Represent Our Selves as Kalinga for Plastic because We know that Whatever is affecting Global Warming is not about the Plastic Usage but it’s about awareness among the people as to dispose the plastic in such a way that it could reach a Plastic Recycling hub. Also, we understand when it comes Mono Layer Application the Issue is Thickness of Plastic, butnow we are aware that any Virgin/Recycled Granules is used the Thickness must above 51 Microns so Used plastic could be Easily Recycled in Order to Save Planet Earth and our Surroundings.

Screw Diameter MM 45 50
Ratio 32:1 Groove/Smooth Groove/Smooth
Nip Roll MM 900 1000
Film Thickness Micron 10 TO 75 15 TO 75
Die Size MM 180 200
Applications Processed Granules LL/LD/HM LL/LD/HM
Production Capacity KG 35 - 60 45 - 90
Power Load KW 75 90
Main Motor HP 10 15
Dimension FEET 30 L x 12 W x 18H 30 L x 13 W x 18H

NOTE : The above given details is for guidelines & manufacturer doesn’t commits to the specifications.

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