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STRIPE - PP/PET Box Strapping Extrusion Plant

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STRIPE - PP/PET Box Strapping Extrusion Plant

Box Strapping from PP and PET Strap is the most commonly used Packaging Medium in the field of Packing Corrugated Boxes, Wooden Boxes, Cotton Bale etc. Lets first Understand PP Box Strapping which is could be easily found in Food, Pharma, Mechanical etc. Industries to ensure that Packaged material is intact till it reaches the destination. In PP Box Strapping machine, we provide both Semi Auto and Fully Auto. The major Difference is that Semi Auto is not Heat Sealable Strap and Fully Auto provides Heat Sealable Strap. This machine has all the Electric system keeping in mind for Operators available in the market.We also deal in Jockey Extruders in PP Semi & Fully Auto Plants on Customer request.

Our another Extrusion for Strap is PET Box Strapping Extrusion Machine which is a Formation of PET Flakes .One of the most Common used PET Strap Industry is Cotton Industry where in it is used to Bundle Raw Cotton in 1 Tone Bale, So the Capacity itself shows that its Certainly Stronger than PP Box Strapping and most important about Box Strapping is that both the Straps are Manufactured from 100 % Recycled Granules or Pet Flakes . In this time where in packaging has become important and PET Strap being Strong now Slowly PET it been Replacing MS Strap because it gives the Strength according to the Need. Now lets discuss about the most Important aspect of PET Strap Plant is the Additional Equipment’s like De-Humidifier , Crystallizer , & Melt Pressure Plant .This Equipment’s are Provided on customer request with what MAKE is the Customer Comfortable With.

MODEL Unit STRIPE - PP – 65 STRIPE - PP - 75 STRIPE – PET - 75
Screw Diameter MM 65 75 75
Ratio 30:1 Smooth Smooth Smooth
No. Of Winding Station No. 3 4 4
Sizes MM 9,12,16 & 19 9,12,16 & 19 9,12,16 & 19
Production Capacity KG 60 90 90 - 100
Applications Processed Granules PP/HDPE PP/HDPE PET
Power Load KW 75 90 132

NOTE : The above given details is for guidelines & manufacturer doesn’t commits to the specifications.

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